We offer several options for equipment marking. Affordable prices also for small quantities. Ideal for prototypes and smaller series

Rigid front panels

  • From electrically isolating glass-epoxy laminaterigid front panels
  • Silk-screen printing: various combinations of print- and background colors (green, blue, black, white, yellow, red)multicolor print on front panel
  • Front panel may even be integrated with a PCB
  • Electrical shield as an option
  • Can be integrated with a pcb
  • For indoor and outdoor use
rigid front panel from glass-epoxy laminate

Silk-screen printing

  • Printing on equipment enclosure or frontpanel
  • Print colors: black, white, red, blue, yellow and green
silkscreen printing

Adhesive front panels

  • esipaneeli kleebisEasy to apply
  • Adhesive panels of any shape and cut-outsadhesive frontpanel on a remote control
  • Vast colour options and clear materials. Gloss or matte finish
  • Thermal transfer printing: ink is dissolved onto the substrate and the outcome is scratch resistant and very durable. We use overlamination for extended durability (for example polycarbonate)front panel from gray vinyl
  • For adhesive substrate materials we use mainly durable vinyl and polyester. Special materials for special / extreme conditions.
  • With standard or high-tack super glue
  • Durable in both indoors & outdoors


  • We can assist with designadhesive front panels on rigid glass-epoxy laminate
  • All common file formats are suitable
  • Translation of texts into various languages


  • Normal production 10 working days
  • Premium delivery from 24 hours!
  • Free Shipping for smaller quantities